Gallery "Reception"

Our reception is a gallery, the gallery acts as a reception. This is the only round-the-clock presentation of contemporary art projects in Kraków. Our goal is to create usable exhibition space in particular hotel rooms, to which the gallery-reception is an invitation. Movable and non-moving pieces of equipment create an art bazaar - everything can be bought. By staying at our hotel and taking advantage of the purchase offer, you become a patron of art and support the artistic activities in our hotel. Art is faced with everyday life here to meet prosaic and metaphysical needs of our guests.

In our "Reception" Gallery, we present selected works of Kaja Solecka as well as Andrzej Borowski's and Gerard Carruthers' artworks.

Kaja Solecka

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 1993-1998 and painting at the studio of prof. Janusz Tarabuła (1995-1998). Currently her works are in private Polish and foreign collections.

In the works of Kaja Solecka, lapidary, geometrical systems are enlivened by the restless tissue of painting. Abstract elements meet the imagined corporeality - a fragment of a human figure immersed in the space of a canvas, sometimes circular forms autonomously organize the field of the image, entering into relation with the surface, which is organic and often accidental structures. Solecka's canvas is far from the references to the modernist production of the classics of abstraction or minimalism - the artist is attached to the imaginary space, illusion, and the resolution of the divisions of the plane. Abstract forms have their weight, volume, occupy different places in the illusory depths of images. The wrinkled surface of the paint may resemble the skin, the carnal shell hiding the dormant, puzzling motifs underneath.

parallax background


The entire hotel building is an instrument, the largest in Krakow, because it is 23 meters high. The construction of the building contains piezoelectric tiles that convert vibrations and turn them into sound. This creates a composition that only exists in real time and will never happen again. Its sound depends on people staying in the hotel and working devices. These sounds will be available through the application on the hotel's website. In addition, this instrument will be used during concerts, performances and other cultural events.

Open theater

We plan to expand the basic hotel business to organize cultural and artistic events. Once a quarter during the weekend, the whole hotel will turn into a theater stage. An open theater is an idea that transcends the boundaries of a typical city hotel. During the break between acts at the communal table, you will be able to talk to the actors and director about the theater play being staged in the hotel space. Performances in co-production with various theaters from Poland and abroad will also be performed. Krakow's partner in this project is the People's Theater in Krakow.

Our partners